We can decline any order with or without reason.

The service will be completed by our staff workers.

You will need to remove the authenticator so we can join the account freely

All payments must be before the service. If you want to use a Sythe verified Middle Man will be at your own expense

Before ordering you must move any unnecessary wealth off the account. We will be not responsible for any wealth lost during the service, including untradable items.

We are not obligated to provide timeframes for the service.

You cannot log in during a service unless agreed otherwise, if you log in without permission, your service can be terminated with no refund

Password cannot be changed during the service, unless requested.

We dont refund once the job has been started

You must change your password after the order is completed.

We are not responsible of any lost services that were previously rendered due to the unfortunate event of a Jagex rollback and we will not be required to complete services that had been rendered prior to the rollback.

We are not responsible for any bans, mutes during or after the service is completed

By using our services you agree to our terms of services.

If there is a non-compliance of our ToS you will not be refunded and service could be end instantly.

All quests are totally hand made.

Before sending login info please remove all valuable items.

Use a temporary password and once completed the service change it asap.

Avoid login during the service.

You will provide with the GP or all the supplies for the service, unless agreed before. This applies to ironman with skilling/quest items.

Your order can be completed by one of our skilled workers.

Check that you meet the requirements (skill and prequest) for your order.

We are not responsible for any bans, during or after the service.

We can cancel any order at any time if there is a non-compliance of our ToS.

We will refund only if we are unable to complete a service.

By using our service you accepted all terms and conditions above. 

All account information will be provided

100% Hand Made, No Email Set, no active Ofences

You agree with our T.o.S when you are buying accounts from us

Any mutes or bans after you purchase an account is not our responsibility

We wont be responsible for re-sold accounts.

Any wealth put on the account is your responsibility if you loss the account

We will not recover account if asked, we do not keep the information regarding the accounts we sell.

Once you have the email switched, you are owner of the account and granted 1 month warranty, afterwards, we are not responsible for any recoveries. All sales are final.

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